Saturday, May 9, 2009

God's Own Country

Hi, Read below...

This is to those "Malayalees" who are not proud being a "Malayalee" or a commonly known "Malabari" ....

Good Day, GODS OWN COUNTRY: Why Malabaris are disliked by some people ??? Check out the following facts:-

1. Indian Defense Minister is from Kerala
2. Indian Foreign Secretary is from Kerala
3. Chief Justice of India is from Kerala
4. Chief of "Chandryaan' , the Indian Space program is from Kerala
5. Chief Security Adviser to the Prime Minister is from Kerala
6. Chief of the new Federal Investigation Agency is from Kerala
7. Principal Secretary to Prime Minister is from Kerala
8. The only Indian to contest for the UN Secretary General's Position is from Kerala
9. The chief of Staff for Security to UN Secretary General is from Kerala
10. Kerala is the only 100% Literate State in India.
11. Kerala was rated as the most baby friendly state with the lowest infant mortality rates and the best Health Care Model by UN.

You know that coming from a small province our people did not climb the above positions thru back door, it is thru sheer competition!! Even though we are facing many type of negligence from Northern lobbies.

You will find Keralite farm workers, artisans, technicians, manual labourers, illiterates and semi-literates all migrating to all parts of the Globe. When they start most of them only know their mother tongue. Thru hardwork, drive, enthusiasm, tenacity, persistence, humour sense they learn the trades and also learn Hindi, English, Arabic and many other languages necessary to sustain them. We can see many Keralites They are speaking many languages fluently. If We look in to their educational Qualification it may be 7nth standard or just SSLC. These diversification we got because of our corporate culture and diversity in our own mothertoung "Malayalam".

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