Sunday, March 14, 2010

To my better half…….


I was shivering when we met alone at first
I was seeing you in new eyes n heart
I was breathing a new smell of love
I started loving you when our eyes first met
That was the day when we met for the first

Every second we had spend together
You hold me close through the stormy weather
Now, I miss you with all my heart
But, we will only be physically apart

I wake up day by day n hope I breathing
My heart sings to keep you from ever leaving

Keep me safe when I sleep
touch me Kiss me,
Clasp me for ever
With the hands of your lovely heart

I showed you that my love is true
I told the words to you were not cue
I won’t to know love coz’ I know you
I won’t anything coz’ I got you through.

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