Tuesday, August 18, 2009

nam alumni - snehavirunnu'09 - organising committee.

With pleasure we inform all the members of nam alumni, uae central committee that an organizing committee consisting the following members have been assembled at Burjuman Centre, Bur Dubai on 14 August 2009 for a creative talk on our proposed Ifthar program:

1. Mr. Shaheel Karayath
2. Mr. Ajnas M.P.
3. Mr. Nizar M.K.
4. Mr. Nausheel Nabeel and
5. Mr. Faizal Mohammed

During the meeting, we have concluded on the following:

a. An Ifthar named as "Snehavirunnu'09" will be organized on 04th September 2009 at Steak House, Rainbow Hotel, Bur Dubai.

b. Mr.Shihabudeen Poythumkadavu, the well known malayalam writer will be the Chief Guest for the programme.

c. A general body meeting will be conducted after the ifthar.

d. All the vacant positions in the committee will be filled in the general body meeting in order to give more strength for the widened and full fledged forthcoming functions.

e. Logo and Bylaw of the nam alumni will be officially published on 04 September 2009 by the Chief Guest.

f. The complete responsibilities of designing the Logo and Bylaw will be;
Logo :: Mr. Faizal Mohammed @ 050 859 40 30
Bylaw :: Mr. Nizar M.K..@ 050 143 70 23
g. Batch co-ordinators will be elected for ease of communications. h. Compilation of complete data of nam alumni, uae by 18 August 2009.


Gen. secretary
nam alumni
uae central comittee.


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