Sunday, November 21, 2010

NAM Alumni Qatar Chapter - Annual Get together 2010

You are invited for an Annual get together 2010, NAM Alumni Qatar Chapter’s premier event on 26th November 2010, Friday at Shalimar Palace from 12.30 pm onwards.

Live music and different cultural activities are arranged. Also sumptuous lunch will be served. Only the alumni and their families are invited. Admission is free.

This is an opportunity for all Alumni to get in touch with their Batch mates and to make new friends. A get-together is a good way to celebrate those glorious years of our college days -- but it is also a way of catching up!

It is a marvelous way to stay in touch, to see how we have gone on in years, who has changed professions, how much do we remember each other’s foible!

To make this event a grand success, we request your support and active participation.

Best Regards,

Fahad P. Peedikayil

General Secretary

Mob: 55250265 / 77250265



ASHIK said...

Qatar Chapter oru Sambavam thanne...

Adv.Muhammed Edakkudi said...

yes.......but i will miss it...